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An affordable website that looks great and can be up and running within 48 hours….*

Sometimes all that is required is a simple 3 to 5 page website for your small business, event or social group….maybe even a website for that special upcoming party or wedding.
As an owner of a small business for the last 20 years I understand that things don’t have to be complicated or difficult to be effective or worthwhile…I subscribe to the KISS principle.

The “Keep It Simple Stupid" or “Keep It Short and Simple” (KISS) principle is a design rule that states that systems perform best when they have simple designs rather than complex ones. KISS is not meant to imply stupidity. On the contrary, it is usually associated with intelligent systems that may be misconstrued as stupid because of their simplistic design. The KISS principle helps to prevent creeping non-productive featurism, system failure and other IT issues.
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
Albert Einstein
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
Beauty of style, harmony, grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.
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I can help with a great looking website that won’t bust the budget.

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Your website will be beautiful, effective and user-friendly.

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Starting website package is fully inclusive…

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A beautiful modern design
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Mobile responsive with automatic scaling
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5 page content
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A purpose built secure contact page
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2 design revisions
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Modern coding for fast loading
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FAQ page with animated answer box
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Search engine friendly
Starting Website Package
$595 AUD
£295 GBP
€395 Euro

As I work with clients from all over the world, for your convenience
I have quoted prices in Australian Dollars, British Pounds or Euros.
Prices do not include web-hosting, domain name purchase, extra pages, copywriting and other special requirements or relevant taxes.

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